Time Flies When …

by Jess on May 14, 2013

… you’re working your tush off and loving it.  Oh, and also, when you’re having fun.

So, here’s what’s up in my world:

~ I’ve been in my new job for just under four months and it’s amazing how quickly it’s passed.  I’m not even the most recent hire anymore – although I have been told that I can ‘play the new girl card’ for a few more months, if needed.

~ I’m working harder than I ever have.  And working longer hours than I ever have (with the exception of those summertime flex-Fridays of my former employer).

~ Wedding planning is merrily moving along.  Invitations are being designed; we’ve met with a florist; we’ve found someone to make our ketubah; and we have a wedding hashtag planned: #jjww.  Which is short for “Jessica and Jeremy’s Wonderful Wedding”. (Don’t puke! It’s cute!) And yes, the dress situation is being addressed.

~ Spring in DC has been decidedly un-springlike. Which I won’t complain about any more than I just have.

~ I’m afraid to write anything about my weight loss, as I’m going in for my weekly Weight Watcher’s weigh-in (say that five times fast) this evening. But … I’m making progress! I’m just under my original goal weight! I admit, I am kind of sick of tracking every thing I eat, but I also don’t know how else to … well, eat.  But I shan’t worry about that right now.

~ Some scary changes are taking place at my former employer.  I’m sad for the organization, worried about my friends and former colleagues, but ultimately feeling really lucky that I was forced to leave last fall.

~ I’m going to take more yoga classes this summer.  Once a week is no longer cutting it for me!

~ I haven’t gone shopping in an outrageous amount of time.  I have, however, continued to sleep and consume books in my free time at my normal rates.

~Although, I think I may need a new wallet.

~ My “Jesus Year” is drawing to a close.  Watch out, world: I’m gonna be even better at 34 than I’ve been at 33!

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Ooooooooooh, I absolutely LOVE a chance to quote Eloise!

This is the first day since I started my new job when things have been quiet. All. Day. Long.  The first two days were filled with paperwork, meeting with HR, etc etc etc. Then the real work started: I started being included in meetings, getting assigned to projects and being asked to (GASP) do the social media tasks for which I’ve been hired to do.  The pace picked up this week, and I found myself with more meetings, more assignments … you get the picture. Real work commenced, and I couldn’t be happier!

My coworkers are fun, passionate about the work they do, and have eagerly taken me under their collective wing.  I’m learning something new every day, ranging from the facts behind the campaigns I’ve been assigned (did you know that every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria?), to how the heck our content management system works so I can edit a page.

Mundane details, I know. But I’ve come home from work excited each evening, and go in to work excited to see what I’ll be doing that day.  I don’t know how long this glow will last, but it’s a wonderful feeling.

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2013 Starts with a Bang(ladesh)

by Jess on January 17, 2013

(Ha, I know, I’m hilarious.)

We returned from our Bangladesh adventures last Friday evening and it is still taking time for both Jeremy and I to feel slightly human again.  That 11 hours ahead thing was been rough on us, both on arrival and return.  But I have been working hard to be in fighting shape because …. I have a new job!!!!!!

Yesterday, I started my new job as an online communications officer with a prestigious nonprofit organization.  I can gladly say that the title of this blog will not change for the forseeable future.  And so far, I’m loving being the new girl.

I have so much to share.  Banglasesh was intense. There are incredible differences between the poor, who sleep in the median of the major roads, and the upper class, (such as our hosts) who have multiple servants and drivers on call. Unbelievable pollution.  Being treated like royalty by our hosts and the hotel.  It was a fantasyland for the wealthy and their guests, and an overwehelming wakeup call to me as to how the majority of the world really lives.

I have pictures and stories to share, but I have to go into a meeting.  I won’t let you down, dear readers….

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Et Cetera

by Jess on November 27, 2012

The job hunt continues.  I feel like I’ve sent my resume out all over the damn DC area.  I’ve had quite a few interviews.  There are good days, there are bad days. There are days when I wonder why I didn’t go for a more specialized Masters degree.  There are days (more usually nights, really) when the unfortunate phrase  ”your career has kind of drifted” bounces off the insides of my head.  I beat myself up and obsess obsess obsess.  I wonder what I did wrong.

Then I remember: NOTHING.  I did not lose my job because I did something wrong.  I was on track to be a public health educator for the rest of my life, and use social media as a means to accomplish that mission.  Until, of course, I ultimately took over the department (and eventually the organization) and I had a staff to do all that and more with my gentle, firm guidance.

But that just wasn’t in the cards.  So, I’m taking my passion for all things social media and redefining myself as a social media specialist.  As much as I loved working in public health and helping people quit smoking, things have changed.  That’s not my shtick anymore.  Maybe I’ll help people in another way, make a different imprint in peoples lives, but maybe I won’t.  Maybe I’ll get to write tweets for a baby food company, a yoga studio and a national sportswear company.  Maybe I’ll be responsible for planning and delivering a social media plan for a startup company.  I could end up working for a PR agency.  Who knows?

It hasn’t been an easy few months.  It was really hard not to write a post that was all bitchmoanwhinecomplain (for example: my treadmill has been broken for over a month and PLEASE do not tell me to go for a run outside) because things seem more stressful these days.  Another example: Planning for Thanksgiving with both Jeremy’s family and mine, together, at my parents house, was not quite as easy as I’d hoped it would be – but damn it was fun.

I’m also fighting the impulse to write every single wedding-related detail in my life.  Like the fact that we’ve finally got a place, a time and a rabbi — which means I can go dress shopping!  – and have agreed on a color theme.  But I won’t do that, either.  At least, not until I have a dress picked out…

I’ll just focus on the most important thing right now:  Jess, the Social Media Specialist!

Everything will work out.

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Once Upon a Time…

by Jess on October 9, 2012

… I couldn’t come up with a good title so I figured that this would have to do.

~ I’m getting into a routine of getting up when Jeremy does, exercising (ostensibly) and then sitting down at the computer for a few hours to job hunt, network, goof off on Facebook, and otherwise be productive.  The exercising part depends on whether I get a good night’s sleep, which is, sadly, difficult for me these days. And, of course, I know that regular exercise would help me get a good night’s sleep … ah, the irony…

~ I had my first job interview last week! I think it went well, but since I’m the first candidate they called in for the position, I don’t know when I’ll hear back from them.

~ I’m working with a fantastic group called the “Five O’Clock Club” to figure out my next career move.  They’re not headhunters or recruiters, but they’re career coaches.  We’ve talked about how I’m going to change my resume, figured out talking points for interviews, and other exciting job-hunt-related things.

~ Being unemployed has meant that I’m getting to spend quality time with friends that I haven’t seen in ages.  Lunches, brunches and happy hours abound.  It may not be the best thing for my wallet, but I’m spending time with wonderful people.  And I’m getting tons of free job advice, offers to review my resume and have job openings forwarded to me.

~ On the wedding-planning side of things, Jeremy and I checked out our first potential venue over the weekend.  It was lovely and picturesque, but they can’t accomodate us at the time of year we want to get married.  A minor detail.  We’re visiting another site next week.  I’d have made more appointments for this week, but with the Nationals in the playoffs, I can’t possibly take my husband-to-be away from his team.  Especially when he has tickets to the game!

~ I shouldn’t act like the Nationals being in the playoffs doesn’t have me pumped up, as well.  I love it.  I may fall asleep when the game is on TV and I’m all snuggled up on the couch in my fleece blankets… but I do love it.

And with that… I must go apply for more jobs!

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Yesterday, a friend emailed me an article from the Washington Post about a wedding dress sale this weekend, the proceeds of which would go to a non-profit organization.  I promptly forwarded it to my mother, asking if she thought it was a good opportunity.

She responded that it was a nice idea, that I should go if I wanted, but that whatever I purchased would likely need to be altered, since I’m still losing weight. [Note: I'm almost, nearly, practically at my original Weight Watchers goal weight. Which will mean almost 20 pounds lost since last winter! However, a recent visit to my primary care practitioner showed that my blood pressure and cholesterol are still 'higher than we would like'.  So, a new, lower goal weight has been set.]

I responded to my mom with a snarky note along the lines of “Yes, I am well aware that a dress would need to be altered if I lose more weight, which I intend to do :-P ”.  And then decided that a phone call was needed to emphasize my snarkiness.  Our discussion went something like this:

Mom (seeing it’s me on the caller ID): Was that comment about the weight loss not nice?

Me: No, just not necessary. I am fully aware of the issue. But what do you think of this dress sale?

Mom:  It’s fine. I just want you to pick something you can take in….

Me: Yes, okay, I know, thanks.

Mom: But also, honey, you don’t have a date yet. Or a place…

Me: I’m working on that!

Mom: You are?  Where? When?

Me: Well, I mean, we are talking about where and when.  Next fall, okay?!  And what about Dad getting in touch with the Rabbi?

Mom: The Rabbi will need a date and a location, sweetheart.

Me:  Fine.

Mom: Okay, one thing at a time.  I know it’ll all come together.  But you should have a date and a location before you have a dress.

Me: Well at least I got engaged first, right?  Isn’t THAT in the right order?

Mom: Yes, yes.  Just please don’t do what my mother did to me at my own wedding.

Me: Which was?

Mom:  Well, she told me I couldn’t wear a long dress because SHE would be.

Me: Well, you’re going to wear a long dress to my wedding.

Mom: No… I am?

Me: YES. It’s my wedding, you’ll wear what I tell you to!!!

Mom (sighing): Just get a date and a location first, sweetheart.

Me: I’m NEW to this!  Geez.

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YAY! and also … Damn.

September 12, 2012

First the good news: Jeremy (okay. seriously, you guys know his name wasn’t Jay. This attempt at not using his real name was silly) proposed last Friday night, September 7.  I had plans to get my nails done after work,  at a salon in Dupont Circle, and he started texting me to ask what time [...]

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Same Ol’, Same Ol’

June 20, 2012

I was telling a group of friends recently, I SWEAR that I have other things to talk about other than health problems.  They just don’t seem to get written about — in general, life has been quiet and happy. Except for the viral labyrinthitis [Labyrinthitis is an ear disorder that involves irritation and swelling (inflammation) of [...]

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Spring Has Sprung, And Other Things

April 19, 2012

The weather in late March and early April was just my cup of tea — warm enough for skirts and bare legs, warm enough for the cherry blossoms to peak two weeks early (which did not deter the onslaught of tourists) and warm enough for me to realize that I’m probably going to need to [...]

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A Short Wishlist

February 17, 2012

While I realize, dear readers, that you may not be capable of providing me with any or all of these, I’m going to share my wishes with you anyhow: ~ For spring to be here already.  Not because this has been a horrific winter, but because (as you have heard me whine many times before) [...]

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